Choose a NYC Car Accident Attorney With Experience

Choosing the right NY car accident lawyer for help after someone else caused your car accident can feel overwhelming. A Google search pulls up many  results in the Queens and NYC area alone! And all the lawyers sound good online or in their commercials, so how do you decide? Making this choice need not add to your stress. You’re already dealing with the painful physical effects of the crash and the emotional frustration of it being someone else’s fault. You’re already struggling to figure out how you’re going to pay for car repairs and medical bills. You may even be looking at an extended period of time missing work, which means lost wages.

Michael D. Ribowsky stands ready to help you. He has the experience and the compassion you need. David has been practicing law for 19 years in Southern California. His acumen has been recognized by that rated him one of the top 20 personal injury lawyers in NY. Super Lawyers has bestowed their highest honor by selecting him as a top local attorney year after year. Such accolades befit the work Michael does for clients. When New Yorkers suffer injuries due to negligence, calling Michael is an excellent choice.

Simplify Your Search for a Car Accident Attorney

Amid all these hardships, when deciding among car accident law firms, it’s okay to keep it simple. You just want an attorney who is:

  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable
  • Effective at getting you the compensation you deserve
  • Compassionate and accessible

Amid all the life complications and stresses that follow a car collision, you can at least keep your legal choice relatively simple. David has the expertise, knowledge and effectiveness to get you the financial compensation you deserve, as well as the compassion and accessibility to help you through the process. Michael welcomes the opportunity to be your car accident lawyer, so please contact him as soon as possible before accident evidence disappears. For your free consultation, call him 24/7 at 000-000-0000.

Why the Law Firm of Michael D. Ribowsky Is Exactly What You Need

New Yorkers have been choosing Michael for years, ever since he launched his practice back in 1998. His experience and knowledge of auto accidents is first-rate, coming from the numerous cases he’s handled. He’s even successfully represented many clients whose claims have been rejected by insurers and others whose accidents were caused by uninsured motorists.

Not only that, but Michael has also clearly demonstrated his legal effectiveness, winning cases for clients who’ve been in a car wreck at a 98-percent success rate. As an attorney, he has developed proven strategies over the years for establishing liability and negligence, and he knows what must be done to resolve legal actions in his clients’ favor. He is proud to hold the “Superb” rating for car accident and personal injury matters by legal services giant Avvo.

You also want an attorney who is tough in court but compassionate toward you and your circumstances. Unlike some car accident attorneys, Michael is still genuinely sympathetic toward what accident victims are going through, even after many years of dealing with auto crash cases. So he takes the time to explain to his clients each step in the legal process, and when he senses an opposing lawyer may bring up something unpleasant, he prepares them for it. He even gives his cellphone number to his clients because he knows they’ll still have questions, and he is committed to walking them through the sometimes confusing legal process.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of car accident legal cases consist of two major parts – getting compensation for injuries and dealing with insurance companies. Let’s look more closely at each.