Personal Injury Attorney

You’ve been injured in an accident, and another person’s negligence caused it to happen. You may be in severe pain and need emergency medical care. Alternately, you may not recognize the severity of your injury due to an entire host of physical reasons. You may not have any idea what to do or who to call. What you do know is that you need advice on how to proceed. Calling the law firm of Michael D. Ribowsky is the first step you should take after seeking emergency medical care if you need it.

Personal Injury Attorney in New York – Michael D. Ribowsky

Michael has helped scores of injured individuals in Los Angeles over the past 19 years. He has listened to and investigated their cases. He has advised them on what to do and has helped them get the maximum compensation they deserve. His personal injury law practice has received accolades from legal groups as well as former clients. Above all, Michael cares what happens to the injured people who seek his help and provides a rare mix of compassion and experience that enables his clients to obtain justice and move on.