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Slip and fall is the term for an accident that involves an individual falling on the property of another. This is common in the workplace, especially in places like kitchens, warehouses, and construction sites. Michael D. Ribowsky will be able to represent you and make certain that the liability falls on the owner of the property and not the injured party. Our firm handles these cases in the following manner


It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure the workplace or property is safe for both employees and clients. If they act negligent and don’t make the environment safe then they can be held liable for the accident. Proving liability in the correct fashion requires the expertise of Michael D. Ribowsky as the attributes of the accident are seldom clear.

To win a slip & fall case we will need to help you with documenting evidence, filing an accident report, collecting complete witness information and getting statements from the witnesses. Specifics should not be discussed with the property personnel or their representatives.
Visiting a doctor is an important step to take to determine liability. The doctor visit should be as soon as you can, and Michael D. Ribowsky will be able communicate with the doctor immediately to determine which information is relevant. Our legal team will also know which regulations should have been in place to prevent the accident.

Cause of Accident

Determining the cause of the accident is our top priority. Every slip & fall is unique and Michael D. Ribowsky will know how to proceed. Each business and property owner must take certain legal precautions to try and prevent accidents & lawsuits before they happen. A common example is a spill or wet floor. There should be a wet floor sign in place, and where there are steps a caution side should be visible. In manufacturing or construction environments, the premises should remain clean and tidy, without equipment left around, and dangerous areas be labeled as such. Michael D. Ribowsky knows the grey areas of these precautionary measures and which of them involve even the most minor form of negligence.

Legal Assistance

Collecting evidence and documenting what happened will assist in showing how the injury transpired, as well as proof of liability. Michael D. Ribowsky will guide you from the injury and medical treatment, up until settlement or court. Knowing when how and to proceed to each step will be one of the keys to a solid case.

Michael D. Ribowsky does whatever it takes to make sure you receive maximized compensation, which is dependent upon where and how the injury happened and what medical and loss of income was caused by it. Michael D. Ribowsky has many years of experience representing clients and handling all the details from start to finish. Schedule a free case consultation today and be part of Michael D. Ribowsky’s 98% success rate.

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