Accident Law Insights: Reporting A Car Accident To The NYPD

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Accident Law Insights: Reporting A Car Accident To The NYPD

After you’ve suffered an accident, the amount of trauma and confusion amidst the luck of being alive and well again may engulf you. But first, don’t hesitate to call a car accident lawyer or any attorneys to help you deal with the situation. It is also important to stay calm, well within the scene even when the police and your attorney are yet to arrive.

As you report the details regarding the tragedy to the police, make sure that all the required details are documented, and the parties involved are protected. It is equally noble to file a thorough and comprehensive report that would help nail down all the facts and dispel half-truths when you’ll need to get compensated by the insurance company.

Requirements for Reporting a Car Accident To The NYPD

When reporting a car accident over the phone, it is very important to state in detail whether the accident has resulted in an injury, death, or property damage. However don’t take a lot of time before calling the NYPD to report your accident and don’t ask anyone who’s not at the scene to make the call. It’s better to let someone who’s actually at the accident scene with you to make the call if you can’t do it yourself.

Along with the phone call, a written report ought to be recorded at the police station. They’ll need the exact date and time when the accident occurred plus the information on the vehicle involved, the area and perhaps who else was affected by the accident.

This isn’t as important as the first one and you may even file it not later than ten days after, although it’s always great to do it sooner. Just like with the call, a written report will require your official names, phone number, your address and your insurance details.

What if you don’t decide to Report the Accident Is There a Penalty?

Of course, it could be costly to you if nobody reports the accident to 911. Sometimes, you’ll find a person refusing to report to the police merely because they think they are smarter than the law. If it is a genuine reason like maybe you were unconscious and spent over ten days in a coma, your attorney or someone close to you will most definitely report the accident.

But for sure if you don’t, you’ll stand incurring severe fines and incarceration. The long and short of it, therefore, is good to give your report to the authorities if you happen to be involved in any car accident. You must provide precise information starting from when, where and how the accident occurred.

Need an Accident Lawyer to help in an event of an accident?

For the insurance company, if you fail to report the accident to them, they will have the right to refuse to cover for your car damages. It is good to even call the insurance company immediately after an accident than to deal with costs in future alone. With good legal help from an car accident lawyer whose in with the NYPD, your pursuit of compensation will be a lot easier.

Accidents are more common in New York, and sometimes you may experience some complications with your claims especially when the other party involved changes their story to something else.  Ensure that you Call NY car accident lawyer to help you out.

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