Car Accident Attorney


Being part of a car accident is one of the most difficult moments of anyone’s life. Once the dust has settled a person must seek to establish if they were a victim of negligence. Michael D. Ribowsky has a long track record of success helping victims of car accidents navigate through the legal maze and attain compensation for the negligence that occurred to them.

Car accident attorney services

Michael D. Ribowsky specializes in car accidents and will be more than helpful to anyone who had a car accident occurrence. It is overwhelming to deal with the aftermath of a car accident and it is wise to have the experience of Michael D. Ribowsky on your side. Our law firm can assist you in the following manner


In a car accident Michael D. Ribowsky will begin communication with the insurance company. Car insurance is a requirement, so in most cases it is the insurer than pays the claim. Our team can make certain the proper information is communicated to the correct individuals.


Michael D. Ribowsky will gather the necessary evidence to build the case. This includes photographs and understanding what happened at the scene of the accident. This can be done by visiting the site, but also by interviewing or speaking with witnesses and the first medical response team and police officers that arrived there first


Michael D. Ribowsky will communicate on your behalf with the doctors who treated the injury. Sometimes medical information can be difficult and time consuming to obtain. Our experienced staff will know what to request it and who to request it from. Often a doctor can issue a letter of opinion and a specialized report for use in cases like these. The vital things to prove are exactly what is the injury, how it was received, and the fault of the accident was not on you but on the other party.


Negotiations for a settlement is very important. Michael D. Ribowsky and his team of car accident attorneys has a 98% success rate and knows when and how to negotiate to reach a settlement. Often cases are settled before they appear before a judge, and this is a time and money saver. Experience us to have comparisons of other accidents in different situations to know exactly how much your case is worth.


Not all cases can be settled quickly. In cases they are not settled, Michael D. Ribowsky can push for the case to go to arbitration or court. Although this process can take longer it can be used as last resort to achieve the big win you are looking for.

Legal knowledge

One of the most valuable contributions Michael D. Ribowsky can make is his vast legal knowledge. The legal system is complicated and there are some routes to take for certain situations that are not appropriate for others. With accidents involving an injury there are often statutes of limitations that put a deadline on when a case can be filed. There is an abundance of paperwork involved in car accidents and hiring legal help will delegate these responsibilities to them on your behalf. If you have been in a car accident and do not know where to turn or what to do call Michael D. Ribowsky for a fast, free & warm consultation

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