I’m going to stick my neck out and say that being involved in a car accident is the last thing on your mind. Traumatic, dangerous and expensive, a traffic accident is the absolute worst thing that can happen to you or your loved one. Sadly, there are some people out there who are actually causing car accidents on purpose. Their end game is to make a quick buck by filing phony insurance claims.

That’s right; car accident law fraud is now a big business. In fact, nearly 15% of all car accident insurance claims end up in the pockets of these fraudsters. No matter how you look at it, you or your loved one can be a victim of a car accident law fraud.

So, what exactly is car accident law fraud? What is being done to stop this heinous activity? Please keep on reading to get the lowdown.

Automobile accident law fraud is a form of auto insurance scam whereby the perpetrators cause an accident intentionally with the aim of collecting insurance money. More often than not, these con artists work as a team, with every aspect of the scheme planned carefully. The most common types of car accident law fraud include:

Swoop and Stop

Swoop and stop is the oldest and the common trick in the book of insurance fraud. It’s pretty scary how they do it. First, one car pulls in front of yours and then stops suddenly. Your instinct would tell you to swerve sideways to avoid an accident, but then another car pulls up alongside your car, forcing you to slam into the vehicle in front.

Brake Slam

It’s what it sounds like – a fraud driver in your front slams on their brakes so that you can rear-end their car.

Other car accident scams are dual turn sideswipe, “the wave,” the “T-bone” accident, and a slew of bogus injuries.

The good news is that some states, most notably New York, have put aside grant money to help curb the runaway car accident insurance fraud. NY asserts that no stone will be left un-turned. Only automobile accident attorneys that do not feed on fraud are staying in business. The money will go to unravel every facet of insurance fraud rings, from unscrupulous doctors who diagnose fake injuries to bogus victims and the real perpetrators who cause accidents on purpose.

The ramifications of a real car accident are grave enough; that’s why the last thing you want is to be on the receiving end of a fake one. If you’re involved or witness a suspicious car accident, be sure to report it to the police immediately.

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