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No Fault Laws for Personal Injury In Maspeth

Have you been in a motor vehicle accident recently? Then be rest assured that New York has laws that ensure that you get your compensation benefits.

The state of New York has a no-fault law that requires motor vehicles to provide a coverage protection for personal injury. This law ensures that anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident is entitled to receive benefits irrespective of who is at fault or who caused the accident. The “no-fault” law provides insurance which covers a compensation of a part of the injured person’s financial losses including medical expenses, travel expenses, lost earnings and household help.

However, most no-fault benefits have a limitation of $50,000, and a claim must be filed within thirty days of the accident. Failure to do so can automatically result in the reduction or loss of the compensation benefits. If you are a pedestrian, you should file a claim with the vehicle that struck you but if you were an occupant, you should file a claim with the insurance company of the vehicle.

In the event that the vehicle which you were an occupant of, or which struck you is uninsured, then a no-fault claim should be filed with the insurance company of your vehicle, or the vehicle insurance company of any of your family members.

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