Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured there is a good chance that you are a victim of negligence. Our legal experts will help you establish if your case is worth taking to court or settlement.


Personal Injury Law Services

Personal injury law cases can be quite complex. Michael D. Ribowsky and his staff have years of experience dealing with individual claims relating to either physical or psychological injuries through the negligence of another party. There are several variables that go into a successful case where timing and details can make all the difference. Hiring professional legal representation is suggested to increase the chances of receiving the compensation the injured party deserves. Michael D. Ribowsky will help you succeed using the following methods


Our law firm will be responsible for handling all aspects of communications and information gathering throughout the lawsuit. Cases must be filed, doctors must be visited, insurance companies need to be spoken with, and the list goes on. Negotiating and dealing with insurance companies can be time consuming and difficult, but Michael D. Ribowsky knows everything you need to know about various damages you may have experienced and how much they are worth. Our team will know who to use as a witness and which information is relevant to ensure a successful case. We will always provide you with objective advice throughout to let you know what to expect. The entire process requires careful attention to details from someone that knows the workings and red tape of the legal system.


Our firm provides you with a contingency based compensation package. This means that there is no charge you unless your case is won. This is beneficial in a number of ways. First, you won’t owe a thing unless you receive damage payments. Injuries can be expensive from missed work and medical bills, and the last thing that one should be concerned about it obtaining new financial obligations. Contingency means that unless financial compensation comes your way attorney fees will not exist. Second, it is extremely efficient motivation for Michael D. Ribowsky to give you the attention and representation you deserve as your success is his success.

Legal Process

Michael D. Ribowsky and his team are experienced personal injury lawyers in Queens that know there is not only one path to a completed case. Our legal team can advise and direct the path that is correct for you. Alone, it may be tempting to settle for a route that is not in your best interest while on the other hand but also not every case can nor should end up in trial. Trials can delay the results and add additional cost to the process. Some alternative conclusions can be accomplished through mediation or arbitration, which allows a third party to offer a compromise by hearing the case. The shortest route would be through settlement which is accomplished by the injured party forfeiting the right to sue in exchange for a payment of damages from the insurance company. We know the optimal road required for you to win your case and our 98% success rates speaks for itself. We invite you to call Michael D. Ribowsky and set up your free case consultation

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