Car Accident Injuries and Personal Injury Law:

There are hundreds of thousands of car accident injuries throughout the world every year. Many are injured fatally, many slightly and everything in between. These cases must go through the legal system to prove which side is negligent. Car accidents fall under the legal category of personal injury law which encompasses every aspect of injury negligence from car accidents to slip and falls, intentional acts and unsafe consumer products.

Statistics prove that car accidents are the leading cause of injuries. The impact they leave behind are astronomic.

Causes of Car Accidents:

The most common causes of car accidents include;

Drunk driving
Driving while texting or talking on phone
Road rage
Automobile accidents occur in many ways.

Types of Car Accident Injuries:

People sustain different types of injuries after a car accident. The most common injuries in automobile crashes are broken bones. Spinal cord injuries, internal bone damage, neck and back injuries and brain injuries can also often occur

Head injuries:

Head injuries are the most serious injuries. Usually the persons involved in a serious collision may strike their head on the dashboard, windows or steering wheel. Head injuries extending from slight concussion to comas and long term cognitive disabilities are all possible

Back Injuries:

Spinal cord damage can cause severe nerve damage. People’s arms, legs, feet and other body parts can all become numb from this type of injury. In severe cases a patient may be paralyzed for life. Other outcomes from spine injuries that can occur include tingling, muscle weakness and pain in arms or legs.

Neck and chest Injuries:

Neck and pain swelling are very common car accident injuries. whiplash, sudden movement of head and neck cause serious neck muscle damage. Blunt force trauma can cause broken ribs and collapsed lungs. Internal bleeding in chest area, damage to pelvic and abdomen are also common outcomes of neck and chest automobile injuries.

Bones breakage:

Common limbs that are susceptible to car accidents are arms, legs and feet. Motorcyclist and pedestrians involved in car accidents may also suffer such injuries.

Emotional distress:

Serious car crashes leave an emotional wound for those who are involved or even just witness the accident. Post-traumatic stress therapy, psychological support and counseling for such people is very common.

How Car Accident Case Proceeds:

Car accident cases are studied in both the spectrum of traffic law and personal injury law. The effected person in an automobile accident needs to hire an attorney. The attorney negotiates with other party involved in an effort to settle on the damages. If no agreement can be reached the parties will head to court. The court will assess the whole case by gathering information through police reports, photos and other evidence. After collecting all the necessary facts, the jury uses the traffic law and other legal concepts to conclude who is at fault. The jury will decide who is responsible for the medical bills, pain and sufferings and attach a price tag to all of it.

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