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For many decades the Ribowsky family has been assisting clients in obtaining the highest payouts for their negligence cases with an extremely high success rate at court. We realize nobody wants to waste their time and have a proven system to get our clients the highest payouts in the shortest possible time. Call us today at 718-659-5333. For your convenience we service our clients at two New York City locations:

Queens Office: 109-12 Jamaica Ave, Richmond Hill, NY 11418 (718) 659-5333

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Ribowsky Law- Queens Personal Injury & Accident Lawyer

If you were injured and feel it may be someone else’s fault you owe it to yourself to speak with Michael Ribowsky and see if the law is on your side.

The Big Apple’s Choice Accident & Injury Attorney

Our Personal Injury Law Firm Is Centrally Located in Richmond Hill on Jamaica Avenue Near Woodhaven, Glendale, Middle Village, Kew Gardens, Jamaica, South Ozone Park & Briarwood, NY. Call us today and learn about our maximum payout and “No Fee” guarantee. We are an award winning Queens Car accident attorney as well as a full service personal injury lawyer. We work on a contingency basis and have a track record of retaining lucrative payouts for our clients relative to the legal forecast for the type of negligence involved.

A Message From Michael D. Ribowsky

 Since the inception of our practice in 1992, we have always maintained our reputation as a “client-friendly” firm. We pride ourselves on our accessibility. We have many clients that have transferred their case to us from other personal injury firms with whom they were dissatisfied. The primary complaint we hear from these clients about their prior attorneys is that they leave messages but are never able to actually speak to anyone knowledgeable about their case. That does not happen at our firm. When calling our office, a client will never have to resort to leaving a voicemail. We do not have voicemail in this office. You will always reach an actual human being who is fully familiar and up to date on your case, whether it be a legal secretary, paralegal, or attorney. I insist on a knowledgeable and friendly staff. We work as a team to get the absolute best results for our clients. I look forward to discussing your case with you and being of assistance.

When Do You Sue For Your Accident:

The pain and suffering a person can endure from a car accident can last a lifetime. Severe injuries, employment lost because of paralysis, and other heavy expenses will likely become a way of life for these victims. Most car accident victims in Queens consider getting their costs covered by their auto insurance company but sometimes, the insurance companies fall short of providing you the compensation which you truly deserve. Sometimes, your insurance company will settle with you and provide you with your additional demands. Other times, you will not receive the payout you are looking for because the other side is fighting back to impose their expenses on you. This is usually the point where you will seek the help of a qualified personal injury attorney like Ribowsky Law to either help you settle directly with the other party involved in the accident or head to the court room to face them.

Evidence is the name of the game if you are looking to prove the fault of other driver and receive a maximum payout. This is why it’s so critical to have lots of pictures of the crashed vehicles and the surroundings. Witness reports and and smallest details you can get your hands on will make all the difference in court. Medical reports will also have to be thoroughly checked by your attorney to asses the fault of the other side. At this point, Ribowsky Law will help you formulate the demand letter which is a comprehensive document stating the entire events of the accident, including evidences and medical reports of your injuries. This letter is sent to the other party to see if they are ready to settle the case outside of court. If they don’t, we will do everything in our legal power to make sure all your compensation demands are met in a court of law.

Slip & Fall and Car Accident Negligence

Have you been injured and it’s not your fault? Call Now For Award Winning legal services for negligence relating to Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Slips, Falls, Bus crashes, Car Wrecks & Medical Malpractice.

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