South Ozone Park Location

Need A Negligence Lawyer in South Ozone Park, NY?

  • If you the answer is yes, you have came to the right place. For Decades, Michael D. Ribowsky has specialized in representing clients in this specific area. Our law office is located at 109-12 Jamaica Avenue, a close ride from Ozone Park.
  • We are please to be able to provide you a 100% free in-depth case consultation and evaluation at our office or anywhere else in Ozone Park where you would like to meet us.
  • We fight for our clients’ legal rights to attain the maximum amount of compensation available for the negligence which they were a victim to.

  • Ribowsky Law- Queens Personal Injury & Accident Lawyer 

    109-12 Jamaica Ave, Richmond Hill, NY 11418 (718) 659-5333

    Near J/Z MTA Subway Line:

    Personal Injury Lawyer Walk In Welcome Sign

    A street sign outside of Ribowsky Law- Queens Personal Injury & Accident Lawyer inviting potential personal injury law clients in.

    We are experts in handling all work related and automobile accidents & injuries in South Ozone Park. We also understand and excel at all the legal in’s and out’s of slip/trip and fall injuries. Our office is centrally located and near the 11420 zip code, the 11436 are of Queens, the 11416 neighborhood and finally, the 11417 area.

    What Does Compensatory Damages Mean?

    This is the legal term that describes the process of “rolling back the clock” and putting the negligence victim in the financial position (using monetary compensation) they were in before the accident or injury occurred.

    What Does Statute of Limitations Mean?

    A Statute of Limitations is the limitation on the amount of time one has to file a lawsuit. Personal injury cases fall into the civil category of lawsuits and therefore follow the state laws regarding civil Statute of Limitations. These time limits vary from state to state and one should consult a local attorney to obtain precise information. In New York State, which is our legal jurisdiction, an injury to a person or to personal property both have a 3 year filing limit. Professional malpractice has a 3 year filing limit, and medical malpractice a 2.5 year limit.

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