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When a person has a fall, accident or a mishap based on negligence, they usually think of filing a lawsuit.

Jamaica, NY trained personal injury lawyers  specialize in the areas of law which deal with injury, civil wrongdoings, whether physical or psychological. The actions that call for these legal reactions are either mishaps of negligence or carelessness.


Some of the main reasons these lawsuits are proactive solutions are:

  1. To receive compensation in some way for the psychological, emotional, mental and monetary losses caused by the accident.
  2. To discourage other people, be they large corporations or individuals, from following their lead.
  3. Another factor is, a lawsuit can help pay for lost wages. Meaning, the worker who couldn’t work for a period of time, due to their accident can recover those wages from the person or corporation he is making a claim against.
  4. Medical expenses can also be taken care of. Not just the expenses you have now, but what is expected in the future too.
  5. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side assures you protection from insurance companies and the legal system.

When exactly?

Here are a few examples of situations in which you might pursue a lawsuit.

  1. Medical mishaps – When a doctor should have done something but didn’t.
  2. Brain injury – If the accident affected your brain.
  3. Bicycle accident – If either the bike or the trail was an outcome of negligence.
  4. Auto accident – If either the car, the road or the other driver is at fault.
  5. Pedestrian accident – If either the car or the sidewalk conditions were faulty.
  6. Spinal cord injury – If a circumstance caused the spine to dislodge or dislocate.
  7. Motorcycle accident – When the vehicle who hit your motorcycle was at fault.
  8. Nursing home abuse – When the attendant or nurse thought there were no cameras.
  9. Insurance company – When your insurance company didn’t come through on a promise.
  10. Wrongful death – When your loved passed away from an accident which was someone’s fault.

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