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In our area it is quite common to witness major motor vehicle accidents at large intersection like Norther Boulevard or Roosevelt Avenue. Say you were a victim of such an occurrence or know someone who was involved in such a case, what do you need to know?

A car accident is a fairly upsetting ordeal; both physical injuries and property damage are experienced by all parties, especially accidents involving high speeds.  That a vehicle was damaged, or that someone was injured is usually relatively obvious, what is not always so obvious is who will become responsible for having caused the accident.  Proving who is at fault for causing the accident involves careful consideration of various components when a car accident takes place at an active intersection. The particulars of your case can be analyzed by an experienced car accident lawyer, ensuring your rights are protected as you go through the claims process.

Demonstrating which motorist is at fault in an accident can be challenging in various cases.  If a witness, for example, observed the accident and would be able to corroborate your version of the chain of events but departs before police arrive on the scene, it is essential to pursue the witness. Crucial evidentiary sources that are invaluable to your claim can consist of:

  • Security footage from businesses and homes in the immediate area
  • Pedestrians, and other witness in close proximity
  • Motorists in other proximate vehicles
  • Traffic light cameras

When police are involved and called to the scene of the accident, an exhaustive investigation consisting of witness and involved motorists being interviewed. Your case will be significantly more compelling the further you pursue collecting evidence from the above sources.  The more evidence available, the better for you, particularly if the other motorist is at fault.

It is a good idea to attempt obtaining any witnesses’ contact information or photograph the license plate of their vehicle before the leave the scene.  Another proactive move would be to approach a witness after police have left the scene, as often enough people are not comfortable around police. Having the good sense to do this can lead to the corroboration of your story from a witness.

When an accident occurs in a residential or rural area, it is best to seek out any residents who might have seen or witnessed anything pertaining to the accident. If, on the other hand, the accident occurred in a business or industrial area there is a good chance it was captured on security video and approaching business owners and the like to provide you with a copy  will certainly provide a clear picture of who is at fault. It is important to do this as soon as possible as security videos are often recorded over or discarded. Another excellent source of quality evidence are traffic cameras. Although it is more of a challenge to acquire, with the assistance of a lawyer whose expertise is in car accidents, it is much less difficult.

When determining the motorist at fault in an intersection car accident other influencing elements such as:

  • Road conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • Traffic light patterns
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Should also be taken into account. Retaining an experienced and professional car accident lawyer ensures your claim is thoroughly investigated and you have the guidance and assistance you need during the process. Contact the legal team at Ribowsky Law for personal injury lawyer needs.

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