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Have you been injured riding an electric scooter or electric bike in New York City? You might be entitled to compensation for property damage or medical bills. Our team of accident attorneys specializes in getting our clients the maximum amount allowable under the law. We work around the clock to build the perfect case to get you the compensation you deserve.


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Electric Scoots and Bikes
If you have been injured while on an electric scooter or bike there is a good chance that we can get the compensation you deserve.
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What are common causes of accident on e-scooter or e-bike??

Careless Driving
Holes or obstacles in the road
Bad weather
Lack of visibility
No reflective gear or lights.

What happens if a hit and run driver is never identified or caught?

Sometimes, unfortunately, this is the case. If so, your attorney will know when to stop pursuing negligence and assist with the claim to the insurance company to cover expenses.

 Are electric scooter dangerous ?

Generally speaking, if you wear your helmet and pay attention to the rules riding carefully, it shouldn't be very dangerous to ride a bike or scooter. The most important thing to remember is to always be aware of larger vehicles, like cars and trucks. And of course, look out for pedestrians.

What should I do if I have been injured in a e-scooter or e bike accident ?

FIrst, check to see the extent of your injuries. If you can stand up and call 911 or ak for help you should do this immediatly. Then sit tight and dont leave the scene of the accident. fIf possible take pictures for proof of the damage and surrounding areas.

What are the benefits of riding an E-scooter or E-bike. ?

E-bikes and scooters are very eco-friendly, lightweight, and super convenient. Not to mention they can be fun to drive.

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