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In our society, everyone has a duty and obligation to act in a way that will not inflict physical, financial, or emotional harm upon others. Any act that Breaches this Law and causes damages of any degree to another person is subject to be punished by the ‘tort law.’
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The Tort Law

Tort law is a form of Civil law that focuses on wrongful acts and inactions by one that can cause or has already caused injury to another. This law was so enacted to come to the rescue of the injured party in seeking restitution for wrongful acts or inactions leading to damages.

If you have suffered as the result of another person’s breach of duty, you are rightfully entitled to be compensated by the law. But how can you successfully make a claim and get compensated without the assistance of a seasoned injury lawyer like Michael D. Ribowsky? Most of the common personal injury claims that have been successfully handled by Michael D. Ribowsky and his team of personal injury include car accidents, slip and falls, premises liability, and other civil negligence claims.

Duty Of Care

One of the core factors that solidify an injury claim is the duty of care. The duty of care is generally considered as a social contract held by individuals towards others within society. This contract binds every entity within society. For there to be an injury or accident compensation claim, the plaintiff must be able to prove that the defendant breached a duty of care, which resulted in significant damage either physically or psychologically.

Our Service

Mr. injury lawyer Bedford Stuyvesant, NY, Michael D. Ribowsky, is highly experienced and can work effectively with you towards proving the four basic elements of an injury claim process. Be it Duty, Breach, Causation, and Damages; you can count on his expertise to get you the best restitution you rightfully deserve.

Given the fact that injury claims are very complicated, it is therefore expedient to seek legal assistance before proceeding.

At my injury lawyer Bedford Stuyvesant, NY, we carefully cover all aspects and elements required to prove negligence. As it is your legal right to receive a reasonable form of care from others, failure to get this is considered a breach. It is, therefore, easier to infer that any activity or inactivity engaged by one that poses an unreasonable risk towards another is a breach of duty. It is also the duty of business owners or property to ensure that the environment is reasonably safe for workers and customers as well. Any inaction or action that goes contrary to this is considered a breach of duty.

The cause of the accident is vital towards a claim process. As accidents and slips and falls come in different dimensions, understanding each pattern, especially with the help of legal expertise like Michael D. Ribowsky, will further propel your case. From gathering all shreds of evidence from the scene of the accident to statements from witnesses, we can, therefore, easily prove a case.

Also, by communicating with your medical personnel to gather more information and with the evidence so gathered, you’re guaranteed of a successful settlement or victory in the civil court. you can reach us at Ribowsky Law 843 Lexington Ave Brooklyn, NY 11221 (347) 201-1042‬

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