Truck & Motorcycle Accident Attorney

We will help you get the compensation you deserve for any trucking or motorcycle accident in the New York area.

Hiring Michael D. Ribowsky means you’ll have years of experience in motor vehicle accident law by your side. Our firm will represent you and ensure you are properly protected by the law. There are some very important services that we make available when accidents occurs, and they can be utilized from every stage from the day of the occurrence until the claim is completed.


Confronting the insurance companies after an accident can be intimidating to say the least. They are well trained and prepared to challenge the accident claim. Each type of motor vehicle can follow different policies of insurance coverage. In some places motorcycles for example can have little or no coverage. The more expensive an automobile is then more that can be involved in the case. Busses, trucks and other large vehicles often must follow very careful safety guidelines on the road to avoid any liability.

Michael D. Ribowsky will be the advocate to represent you and your claim against these difficult insurance companies. We will do everything in our power to offset or cover the cost of medical bills and auto repairs as well as get you any additional monetary sums which you are entitled to.


There are times when the insurance company will dispute the claim, even though you might be entitled it, and in some cases, might refuse the compensation. Our skilled team specialized in challenging exactly these types of claims. Our legal staff will make sure the documents are filed in a timely and efficient manner and given over to the correct authorities and individuals required.


Michael D. Ribowsky focuses on all motor vehicle accidents from semi-trucks to family cars. It’s our familiarity with your accident that will work maximize compensation. Identifying the damages from motorcycles to trucks and knowing their value is what Michael D. Ribowsky knows best.

Sometimes psychological or emotional damages are not known until after, injuries can affect the personal and professional life. Targeting these damages is a very valuable service that Michael D. Ribowsky provides in order to enable minimal amounts of long term effects.

Research Gathering

Michael D. Ribowsky will do all the fact gathering needed for the case, this means talking to the health care professionals, insurance companies, police and others present at the time of the accident. In some cases, the smallest detail can shift the case in your favor. Call now for your free motorcycle, truck or motor vehicle case consultation.

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