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Accident On Bronx River Parkway

Slippery roads and poor visibility caused by a winter storm over the weekend appear to be responsible for a stack of several cars on Bronx River Drive near the Woodlawn/Norwood border that injured eight people, leaving one person seriously injured. The afternoon incident is one of the most major car accidents in the Bronx in recent months.

Police said that just after 1:30 p.m. on January 18, police were inundated with crash cries on the south side of the Bronx River promenade, between East Street 233 and East Gun Hill Road. The NYPD reported that 15 cars were involved, but a local press team had a video of their tally, which suggested up to 20 cars were involved. The parkway was reopened at 7 p.m. EMS reported that eight people had been transported to hospitals in the region, including one victim who was reported to be in serious condition.

Police, firefighters, and paramedics identified, treated, and secured those being helped while people were warm in their cars or on the closed road as they waited for hours for tow trucks to remove them.

Two accident victims were seen assembling in the middle of the closed lane to the south, before apparently heading towards their mutilated car, with the bumper hanging from the vehicle.

City records show that the Bronx side of the Bronx River Parkway, which also spans Westchester County, suffered 97 car accidents in 2019, including one that injured six people on the 14 August 2019, the most injuries for a car accident on the parkway that year. Speed ​​was to blame for that incident.

According to the National Weather Service, only an inch of snow fell in the Bronx, but visibility at the time of the accident was reduced to 1/4 mile.

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