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January 24, 2020

Wet streets and poor vision brought about by a winter storm throughout the end of the week seem, by all accounts, to be liable for a pile of a few vehicles on Bronx River Drive close to the Woodlawn/Norwood fringe that harmed eight individuals, leaving one individual critically harmed. The evening episode is one of the most significant motor accidents in the Bronx as of late.

Police said that soon after 1:30 p.m. on January 18, police were immersed with crash cries on the south side of the Bronx River promenade, between East Street 233 and East Gun Hill Road. The NYPD detailed that 15 vehicles were included, however a neighborhood press group had a video of their count, which provided that up to 20 vehicles were included. The expressway was opened again at 7 p.m. EMS detailed that eight individuals had been shipped to clinics in the area, including one casualty who was accounted for to be in critical condition.

Police, firemen, and paramedics recognized, treated, and took note of those being helped while individuals were warm in their vehicles or on the shut down street as they hung on for several hours for tow trucks to expel them.

Two casualties were seen gathering in the shut path toward the south, before evidently heading towards their disfigured vehicle, with the rear side hanging from the vehicle.

City records show that the Bronx side of the Bronx River Parkway, which additionally ranges Westchester County, endured 97 accidents in 2019, including one that harmed six individuals on the 14 August 2019, the most wounds for an accident on the road that year. Speed ​​was the main cause for that occurrence.

As indicated by the National Weather Service, just an inch of snow fell in the Bronx, however, the vision at the hour of the mishap was diminished to 1/4 mile.

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