When you put as much as all the people living in Queens, NY, in a small secluded island, you can always count on getting an increasing case of injuries daily.

Personal injuries come in different forms. While some are accidental, others are intentional. But regardless, the victims deserve to be compensated for the damages. And in the vast form of personal injuries in Queens, New York, some are more common than others.

Below are some of the most common personal injury cases that have occupied the files of many personal injury lawyers in Queens, New York.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common personal injury cases in New York. Every year, thousands of automobile accident cases are recorded, with over half of those accidents resulting in injuries on the parties involved. Injuries in car accidents can be minor or significant. Minor injuries include bruises or sprains. In contrast, the more severe injuries can lead to broken bones, amputation, brain damage, or even death.

Whether as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, any party involved can file for a personal injury claim, as long as the victim can prove that the other party's fault caused the accident. Things like collisions, text driving, drunk driving, speeding, lane switch, and other forms of reckless driving are some of the common examples of car accidents in Queens.

Bicycle Accidents

Beside car accident, bicycle accident is one of the typical personal injury cases. This, of course, comes as no surprise, considering that bikes and cars mostly share the same lane. It could result from a lack of understanding of rules of sharing roadways with bikes or drivers cutting across a bike lane unknowingly.

Slip and Fall

Lose of footing while walking due to uneven or slippery ground, ice or water on the floor, stairs with broken treads or missing handrails, spilled soap. Poorly maintained roads and sidewalks can all lead to slips and falls. While we can simply choose to get up and keep going after a fall, we can decide to file for personal injury claims. Of course, if we can prove that the fall caused damage (fractured bones, a torn meniscus of the knee, or herniations to the lower back), and there's a negligent of duty.

Most slip and fall can be traced back to negligence or gross negligence of the government through any of its bodies or individuals. Regardless, the negligent party must be held liable for the damages caused.

Premise Liability

Most times, slips and falls are part of the premise liability. Premise liability is the failure of the premise owner to maintain their property, leading to an accident. This could either be on a residential and commercial premise.

Workplace And Construction Accidents

The duty of keeping the workplace safe and free from accidents rests on the shoulder of the employer. However, despite all safety measures, accidents can occur. Common workplace accidents include slip or fall due to loose cables or work tools on the floor, faulty machinery, lack of proper personal protective equipment, hazardous material handling, and inadequate training in handling equipment.

In construction sites, the most common incidents in construction sites in Queens, NY, according to OSHA, include falling off a ladder, lack of safety equipment, electrocution, and improper protective gears. These accidents could lead to broken bones, spinal fractures, nerve damage, and brain injury.

Medical Malpractice

Mistakes made by a medical practitioner's poor quality of health care, whether a doctor or surgeon, leading to injuries to their patients falls under medical negligence. Common examples in Queens include surgical errors, problems in diagnosis, prescribing errors, and treatment errors.  Your personal injury lawyer is always in the best position to evaluate such cases and decide on the proper action to take.

Dog Bites

Injuries caused by dog bites are considered negligence on the part of the dog's owner under the New York law. The owner of the dog is always held liable for all the damages resulting from a dog bite.

What You Should Know About Personal Injury Law Negligence In Queens, NY

While it will be of immense benefit for you to know about laws related to personal injury in New York, you don't necessarily need to know all the laws. New York has statuses that apply in tort laws, otherwise personal injury claims. These New York Consolidated Laws are easily accessible to all New Yorkers.


Negligence is one of the key concepts in any personal injury case in New York, and indeed, the whole of the US. Negligence comes from one's carelessness that leads to harm to another. It could be intentional or not.

According to the New York personal injury laws, Been negligent means you failed to uphold your duty to act as a reasonable person under the given circumstance. Your negligence, gross negligence, or recklessness can cause an accident.


While negligence is failure to uphold a duty of care, duty simply means acting like a reasonable human under the circumstances. We all have the duty to be careful and avoid doing what will cause harm to another. Negligence, therefore, means failure to uphold this duty.


To hold someone responsible for a personal injury due to negligence of duty, the law requires you to prove a proximate cause. You need to prove that the party's negligence led to an accident or injury. If not, they wouldn't be an injury.


And here's where the whole personal injury law gets interesting. While liability is about the responsibility of paying for damages, it does not always fall on the negligent. Though, the negligent party or the person whose negligence leads to the injury is liable. However, other parties that don't have direct involvement with the damage can be responsible as well.

People are injured almost every day in Queens, New York. And when they are injured, they always want their legal rights to be adequately protected. Not knowing how to go about it, they always turn to an attorney. However, contacting an experienced injury lawyer is the best way to safeguard your right if it's an injury.

If you or any of your loved ones are harmed, it is in your best interest to call a qualified New York personal injury lawyer right away. We have the experience to help you and your loved ones out. To schedule an appointment, reach out to us at Ribowsky Law 109-12 Jamaica Ave, Richmond Hill, NY 11418, 718-659-5333 https://www.mrinjurylawyerny.com/.

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