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October 25, 2019

Health care providers like doctors, nurses, hospital workers, and other members of the medical field are saddled with the duty of care and preserving life. To say the least, they are expected to uphold this when handling patients. It could be, however, very repulsive and frightening altogether to think that someone who has gone through extensive education, training, gaining experience, and handsomely paid, to be responsible for any slight or serious health mishap and even death of the patient entrusted under his care.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical Malpractice refers to the situation when a hospital, doctor, nurse, and any other health care professional is directly or indirectly responsible for injuries or death at worse on/of a patient. This negligence is totally unacceptable by the law, and as such, the health personnel is required to pay for the damages caused to the patient.

Every year, hundreds to thousands of Americans are victims of medical injuries. The phrase ‘medical malpractice, medical injury’ has become synonymous with tragedy. Cases relative to malpractice injury are becoming even more popular in the medical community. Many people are gradually coming to the understanding that careless mistakes or negligence, especially on the part of the health care provider, can quickly become deadly. It could be a little more difficult, trying to prevent an irresponsible surgeon from making a mistake in surgery or a pharmacist from failing to recognize dangerous drug interactions.

By and large, these ominous errors are considered to be unacceptable. Therefore, health care providers must be held accountable for their mistakes, especially those caused by basic negligence or incompetence. Getting a medical injury lawyer to deal with these slip-ups, perceived as medical malpractice in the legal world should be your prerogative.

Types Of Medical Malpractice

  • Misdiagnosis

The physician may, through inaccurately determine that a patient has one condition or disease other than the actual condition or disease. The physician’s wrong diagnosis may result in chasing the ‘medical winds.’ Dangerous prescriptions might also generate to unnecessary surgery. As the real condition is sidelined, the patient’s health condition will gradually deteriorate leading to injury or even death.

  • Delayed Diagnosis

This is prominent is non-surgical malpractice injuries. Timely detection of a patients’ condition leads to greater health implications. This is especially dire to patients suffering from viral related diseases or infections. A delay can also occur if someone is forced to wait in an emergency room for too long than necessary instead of immediate health attention to be given to him.

  • Improper Dosage Or Medication

A health care personnel, be it the doctor or the pharmacist, might fill a prescription with the wrong medication. The doctor may also fail to go through other medications the patients had been on before prescribing any drug. This can result in the medications mixing dangerously with the other. Some pharmaceuticals are "contraindicated" for certain conditions. This is why health care providers need to know a patient's medical history.

Failure To Warn A Patient Of Any Possible Risks

It is the sole duty of the doctor to bring to the patients’ knowledge, any potential risks in the course of treatment. If the patient is injured in any procedure of administering a treatment that the doctor failed to inform him of, then the doctor may be liable for medical malpractice injury. Contact a personal injury attorney once you fall victim to your health care providers' negligence for immediate actions.

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