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There have been a lot of amendments and new procedures introduced in the past couple of years in the field of national and international security to ensure law enforcement is at its best. The advanced technology is not just confined to a specific industry , rather it has taken its way towards police departments as well. Taser is a brand name, which is a gun that does not need bullets in it. This gun is used to incapacitate the suspect, when shot it transfers electrical wires or electrodes that give small electric shocks and make the person unable to move for some time.

There is a hot debate in the personal injury law field if tasering is excessive force. This is a significant controversy and has taken a new turn since some serious injuries were discovered which were due to tasering. There are certain cautions and restrictions when using this device which can easily be neglected by law enforcement agencies. This potential negligence can cause serious injury or trauma to the victim and can possibly be considered excessive force if analyzed in a court of law. The repeated use of this gun can cause damaged nerves as well as mental and physical damages.

Although though tasers has become more effective and easy to control over the years, multiple tasering has remained a big issue. This is when a suspect is hit by more than one taser gun at the same time in the heat of the moment. In 2015, in North Charleston a person was shot 8 times and eventually killed by a taser. There are dozens of such cases where police failed to use taser properly and resulted in sever neurological problems or even deaths of suspects. Such cases give a strong evidence of tasering being subject to the “legally binding excessive force”.

Like any law enforcement techniques, misuse or overuse can cause more harm than benefit and it can even cost a life. The law enforcement departments need to take steps to clarify the concerns regarding taser being an excessive force. If you have been injured due to a taser gun, you may be entitled to a big stipend and should get in contact with a personal injury lawyer right away.

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