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May 12, 2021

E-bikes and e-scooters accidents are more common than you think. In 2020 A new law regulating e-scooters and e-bicycles took effect in New York City legalizing electronic rides across New York City.

New E-Scooters and E-Bikes

Electric scooters and bikes are still relatively new and very popular among young adults due to their convenience in avoiding traffic. A high percentage of accidents have been reported to the authorities, the new and inexperienced riders are more likely to injure themselves.

Where can you ride them?

Streetsblog reports Nearly three out of five e-scooter riders get in injured by riding on the sidewalk (where scooter riding is prohibited ) but fewer serious injuries while riding on the motor lane can be more dangerous and unpredictable, leaving you with life-threatening injuries.

E-Scooter and E-Bike laws in NYCTo ride an E-bike or e- scooter in New York City you need to be at least 16 years old, you are required to wear a helmet by law if you are riding with a max speed higher than 20 mph. Lights and bells are also required while riding in the night.

The Facts

The most common e-scooters and e-bikes injuries are:

  • Head injury
  • Body bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Face laceration
  • Bone dislocation

If you did experience any of the above injuries make sure to contact a Queen's e-bike & e-scooter accident lawyer.

Recommendations for riding a bike or e-scooter in NYC:

  • Wearing a helmet is crucial to avoid any type of head injury
  • Make sure your breaks are working well
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Do not ride at a very high speed
  • Avoid crowds of people on the sidewalk
  • Stay away from your phone
  • Pay attention to the pedestrians

E- bikes and e-scooter accidents can result in very expensive medical bills if you have been injured in an accident due to scooter or bike malfunction, you were hit by a car while riding a bike or scooter, you may be entitled to compensation. Our team of professionals can help you get the compensation you deserve !! Schedule a free consultation at ….

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